After much consideration, I stopped into the CACC in NYC to adopt a Chihuahua.   As I was waiting to be taken to the back, I saw a boxer sitting calmly in the midst of chaos with the man who was “turning her in.”  She observed and analyzed all that was going on around her, the barking, hysteria of dogs being brought in by police, dogs let out of cages and frantically struggling to get off their leashes, long lines of people waiting to find lost animals, adopt animals, or give up animals.   With all due respect to the people who work there, it seemed to me to be a madhouse of sorrow and fear.

I focused on the Boxer and prayed that she wasn’t there to be turned in. The man seemed attentive and occasionally bent down to pat her on the head. “She seems to be very attached to you, I said.” Yes, she’s a good dog, but my wife just had a baby and I can’t keep her.” I tried to talk him into reconsidering, but he weakly smiled and said he couldn’t.

It was hard to imagine that brilliant creature who trusted him so much being put into a small cage and most likely casually killed within a few days.  I went to the back still thinking about her. There weren’t any Chihuahuas, I was feeling upset and I left.  The trip back was about two hours and less than half way I turned back….to get Ollie.  “Sasha” had already been taken in they told me and she might not be adoptable.

To make a long story short, several days later they released Ollie (her new name) to me and I took her for a medical exam. During the exam, we discovered a lump, a mass cell tumor was suspected, and Ollie had an operation.  She was special, when she came into my house I expected an uproar from my two little dogs and cat.  There wasn’t even an insect that got into the house without tons of fanfare, racing to and fro, and often attempts to bite ankles and generally intimidate.  Ollie walked in and no one even blinked.  It was as though they had known her their entire lives.

The result of the biopsy showed that it was indeed a mass cell tumor and the prognosis was 4 months!  It was hard to believe that so strong and beautiful a being could be so fatally ill, but, almost on schedule, Ollie passed away five months later.


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