Note to C.A.S.H. from Herman Lenz about Hunter Harassment

From Herman Lenz, IA

On Page 12 of the C.A.S.H. Courier, Spring 2012 [Unconstitutional Hunter Harassment Law], the citizens charged for “hunter harassment” should take their cases before a jury. Judges are bound by “rules” and they want to “enhance their own careers,” but jurors have the right and duty to “put the law and charges on trial as well as the defendant,” and to give a verdict correct with their own conscience, even if it means to vote ‘not guilty’ when they know the defendant is guilty anyway. Jurors are not there to enhance their own careers.

The highest purpose of a jury is not to feed the defendant to the lions to satisfy an over-zealous prosecution program (as a judge has to), but rather, to ‘protect fellow citizens from tyrannical prosecutions.’ A juror should be more than just an intimidated wimp. Cases are won during jury selection, but prosecutors will dismiss anyone who seems to know his or her constitutional rights, or has a mind of his or her own.

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