If you live in NJ, pleased support Senate Bill S2325

Sponsored by NJ State Senator Ellen Karcher

The Associated Humane Society of NJ has initiated this Bill along with Sen. Ellen Karcher. Please show your support by writing letters of support to Sen. Ellen Karcher, 400 West Main St. 3rd Floor, Freehold, NJ 07728

S 2325 establishes a New Jersey Wildlife Rehabilitation Licensing Study Commission, to study, evaluate and develop recommendations for implementing the most effective means to increase and maintain the number of licensed wildlife rehabilitators in a manner that will provide responsible wildlife services to all areas of the State.

Wildlife rehabilitators are volunteers that care for orphaned and injured wildlife until they can be released back to nature. While licensed by State of NJ, they receive no payment/fees for their services, and absorb the costs of transportation, caging, specialized diets and veterinary care out of their personal finances, with occasional donations and grants.

Currently, there are not enough wildlife rehabilitators to serve the needs of NJ’s Wildlife and/or to provide humane alternatives for residents that are dealing with disabled and injured animals.

·In 2002, there were 94 rehabbers, handling over 18,300 animals and 46,000 phone calls.

·In 2004, there were 52 rehab licenses issued, yet the numbers of calls for help with Wildlife have increased.

·Increasing the number of responsible rehabilitators means more no cost to taxpayers care for the injured and/or disabled wild animals that are found by the public. Thank you for your support.

For more information contact: Save Wildlife Rehabilitators, 71 Lincoln Avenue, Neptune City, NJ 07753


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