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New York
Sent by Anne Muller

NEW YORK – Gov. David A. Paterson sent a letter to the editor of the New Paltz weekly paper in which he commended Chris Harp’s “tremendous work in fostering awareness and knowledge of naturalistic and organic beekeeping practices in NYS.” He praised Harp’s “unique, empathetic approach to the plight of the honeybee” which he said had encouraged “greater consideration of the reciprocal relationship between this invaluable creature and humans.” Gov. Paterson went on to say that by “emphasizing care and respect for the honeybee over opportunism and disregard,” Harp’s teachings “provide a healthier alternative for modern apiculture, as well as a broader human message of the significance of compassion in contemporary society.”

C.A.S.H. loves all of the words, and agrees wholeheartedly, but we have to ask if Gov. Paterson was thinking about compassion when he signed the Bill to lower the hunting age for big game to 14 in NYS.

Anne Muller is editor of C.A.S.H. Courier.

Sent to C.A.S.H. by Suzi Dobbelaere

Former Republican Mississippi state senator Mike Gunn has entered guilty pleas to charges he took young Canada geese from their habitat and killed them in his gas grill. He was fined $5,000 and must perform 80 hours of unspecified community service. Gunn was seen taking the geese April 25th by neighbor Carol Boland. Boland said her attention was drawn to Gunn when she saw adult geese attacking him, trying to save their young. She said he put the goslings in a gas grill and when that didn’t kill them, he beat them to death. Gunn told authorities he fed the geese to his dog. Jim Walker, spokesman for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, the agency that first investigated the incident, said he was pleased with the sentence. “What’s important to remember is the despicable way these baby geese or goslings were killed, and if we find others doing that we will all wind up right back here in federal court,” Walker said.
Suzi Dobbelaere is a Canada Goose Protector.

Sent by Val Will 
A letter sent to Gordon Batcheller of the New York State DEC.

I am against the proposed regulation to open new areas for bear hunting. I attended Mr. Spierto’s “bear meeting” that was held in South Wales. I was pleased to hear him say that most bear problems are caused by people. It was so great when he agreed with me that education was the key to preventing bear problems.

The “education is the key” theme quickly turned to a pro-bear hunting theme.

I have read news stories that told how even when bear populations increased in some areas, bear conflicts decreased. The reason: well-run public educational programs. How refreshing if you would have announced the details of a full-fledged bear education program instead of increasing bear hunting opportunities.

I can’t help but ponder how convenient an increase in bear hunting areas could be with all those fourteen year olds out there to recruit. Talk about lucky timing!

I am more worried about trespassing hunters on my country property than I am concerned about running into bear problems. After reading many informative websites and even your own brochures I have learned how to avoid conflicts with bears. I have yet to find information on how to keep hunters from breaking the laws though. That wasn’t covered in the hunter safety course I took. I think it’s time to have public meetings that educate the people on what to do to avoid having problems with big game hunters who don’t believe the hunting laws pertain to them.

I am asking you to not open new areas for bear hunting. I eagerly await your response.

Valerie Will is Wildlife Director, Animal Advocates of WNY


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