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Bill HB2534 has been introduced to stop the bobcat kill, but it has not been passed in the State House of Representatives. Help send a strong message to the PA legislature that this is unacceptable to PA citizens.  (Photo-left: Bobcat kitten in tree)

Please call Barb toll-free at 1-866-6ANIMAL or email:  to help.

Action Alert to our PA supporters in the Harrisburg area sent by Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, Wildlife Watch

ARC – the Animal Rights Coalition has made it its goal to end this grisly annual event. To help ARC end this, please contact Durk A. Gescheidle, Animal Rights Coalition (ARC), POB 8750 Minneapolis, MN 55408 or e-mail  (Phote-left by Star Tribune Jerry Holt)

Photo and article in the Star Tribune, 425 Portland Ave., Minneapolis MN 55488 Pair of gopher feet fetch $1.25. Gopher trappers exchange gopher feet for money! This has been going on for 125 years in Viola Township in Minnesota. People came with feet in buckets, coffee tins.

Sent by Carol Ames, Forest Hills, NY – Harriet Carter’s 42nd Fall catalog on Page 26 shows a hunt cap that reads: BORN TO HUNT FORCED TO WORK and on Page 31 there’s a Hunter Tee – I’M NOT A HUNTER! I’M A WILDLIFE POPULATION CONTROL SPECIALIST. THEIR NUMBER IS 1-800-377-7878; they will most likely tell you to write to: Gretta Ross, Harriet Carter, Dept. 30 North Wales, PA 19455. They said that the “interest in the items is greater than the objections.” Please let them hear from you. You can let them know that you don’t feel hunting messages are fitting for a family catalog: they promote the use of firearms and cruelty to wildlife. Ask that they remove those items from their catalog.


©Marilyn Grindley for her generous donation of stock to Wildlife Watch!

©Miriam Cohen and Chris Arenella for their contributions of saleable items to C.A.S.H. for fund-raisers

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Please keep in mind that Stu Chaifetz is running for Congress, 4th Congressional District, NJ You can learn about him at

Founder and head of the American Vegan Society

Robert Cohen who became his friend encourages everyone to call the American Vegan Society and order a book, several books, or a hundred books. Their number is: 856-694-2887.


Wildlife Watch continues to maintain a wildlife hotline in two counties and has been able to help folks who wish to help wildlife (or non-lethally remove wild animals) with direct help or by linking them to wildlife rehabilitators and wildlife veterinarians in their area.

C.A.S.H. member, Richard Orr, had a brilliant idea.

Get hunter orange pieces of plastic or material and post the forests with it. It should reduce the amount of shooting.

Wildlife Watch held an animal rights coalition meeting to initiate efforts to get a no-kill shelter in Rockland County.   The model for the shelter is the Ulster SPCA. We interviewed Christine French, Director of the SPCA in Kingston in order to bring the “no-kill” concept and program to those who could promote it.  Christine said there’s an interim period that every no-kill shelter has to go through, but it can and does work! They boast an extremely high rate of adoptions.

To the left is the cat exercise area where cats are rotated from cages so that everyone spends one or two times a day stretching, running, playing, climbing. There’s also an outdoor area for cats where they can enjoy the sun. Contact Christine French for step by step details about turning a kill “shelter” to a no-kill shelter – her e-mail address is: .

Baby birds had been hurled to the pavement horrifying shoppers and Wildlife Watch was called. We got Wallkill Price Chopper to uphold their policy against power washing signs during nesting season by calling for a boycott. The boycott was called off upon their pledge of “Never Again.”


Linda Segal and Chris Arenella (left photo) encourage folks to sign petitions giving home rule to counties to ban trapping.

Abby Wolf (right photo) explains the petitions. We’ll have Abby on tape soon on our website

Photos by Anne Muller


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