The League of Humane Voters (LOHV) expansion program kept Anne and Peter Muller active in the first quarter of this year. Please keep checking to see LOHV grow and find out if there’s a presentation being offered near your community.

There was the re-vitalization of LOHV Lower Hudson Valley, NY chapter, a meeting of the LOHV leaders of several chapters held at the Sharon Shapiro Peace Sanctuary in New Paltz; the launching of a LOHV Lancaster, PA chapter, preparations to launch a LOHV chapter in South Carolina, and on March 14, LOHV’s Annual Legislative Breakfast in Albany, NY

LOHV – Lower Hudson Valley

Later on in the quarter we went on to the crow poisoning and puppy-mill capital of the world: Lancaster, Pennsylvania. A misguided official thought that crows were a nuisance and the best way to deal with the “crow problem” was to poison them. The reaction was swift and furious – and a LOHV chapter is quickly forming. Almost 50 people attended the presentation, realizing that it is the way to go if we are going to bring a more animal-friendly government to Lancaster.

Please visit Laurie and Bob Fuller’s excellent website:  Also see: Michele Calabretta Nicarry’s site: . Both Laurie and Michele arranged for the presentation and will be initiating a LOHV Lancaster chapter. We also thank Priscilla Cohn for attending.

LOHV- 2006 Legislative breakfast discussion

One of the main functions of the NY State LOHV is state level lobbying and holding the Annual Legislative Breakfast.

LOHV invites all state legislators to attend an early morning feast of vegan bagels and muffins, vegan spreads, a fruit-plate, juices, and coffee.

LOHV- 2006 Legislative breakfast discussion

This year over 35 legislators and/or their top-aids attended. This gave us a chance to press them for their support on three pending bills and present a new bill to them. See the LOHV website:  During the breakfast, a state senator actually agreed to sponsor the new bill that we had just “rolled out” during the breakfast. After the breakfast, we met legislative leaders of key committees to enlist their support for our measures.

All in all, it was a great success. Some of the legislation that we promoted has a good chance of still passing in the current session. We are seeing greater recognition of perception of LOHV on the part of the legislators, since shortly after the breakfast we were consulted by a legislative committee to see if we were in support of some bills (not the ones we were advocating) that had come in front of the committee.

LOHV- 2006 Legislative breakfast discussion – Like the fruit plate?


Another gratifying result of LOHV strategy was experienced in the Town of New Paltz. LOHV had supported the Town Supervisor in the last election based on her satisfying answers to LOHV’s questions. As she won by a narrow margin, she was very grateful for the support.

Just months after the election, the humane Supervisor, our candidate of choice, was tested when the Superintendent of Highways asked for approximately $500 in town funds to lethally trap beavers whose activity had previously resulted in road flooding. She called Marion DuBois, a local animal protector who got in touch with Beavers, Wetlands and Wildlife –  She also called Wildlife Watch.

Instead of a trapper, Skip Hilliker of HSUS came to install a beaver deceiver. (A beaver deceiver is a device that allows beavers to continue their activity but prevents the damming of culverts.)

Skip installing the beaver deceiver early March

In addition to four NY LOHV chapters, LOHV also has a chapter in Ohio, one is forming in Pennsylvania, and there are plans to launch chapters in NY (another), South Carolina, and Iowa.


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