Network of Coalitions to Protect Canada Geese

Network of Coalitions to Protect Canada Geese

The C.A.S.H. Courier is pleased to dedicate space in each issue to the Coalition to Protect Canada Geese, which is a network of individuals and groups that work on Canada goose issues and have agreed to use the name Coalition to Protect Canada Geese.

The search is on for grassroots groups or individuals who work on goose issues to tie into the network of Coalitions. If anyone would like to become part of the network of Coalitions, please send me your e-mail, phone, fax and address to Dr. Ann Frisch, who is serving as the National Coordinator. If you don’t have an email address, try to get one, as e-mail has become our main way of communicating.

Our goal is to have at least one Coalition in every state, the more localized the better, and the more, the merrier. If a Coalition is more than 30 miles away, think of starting another one! The Network of Coalitions is non-hierarchical and non-binding; we help member Coalitions to be pro-active locally and at state and federal levels by sharing information and strategy. Some of us have more experience than others right now, so the more experienced will help the less experienced. Soon everyone will be up to speed. Our common bond is that we are working on Canada goose issues, and we publicly agree to call ourselves Coalition to Protect Canada Geese.

We would like to see Coalitions sprouting up all over for the following reasons:

a) In a large group, the same 3-8 people do everything. In a small group, individuals realize that their input is needed more, so they are more motivated to pitch in. They can’t say to themselves, “Someone else will do that” there simply is no one else to do it! Therefore, with a lot of small groups, the net effect is more people doing more!

b) We want maximum decentralization because we can have a much greater effect on the lowest levels of government. The states need the local guys to cooperate with their killing schemes. If there is no cooperation, the states’ schemes won’t work or they will have to fascistically impose it, which will serve to expose the truth of how game agencies really operate.

All we ask of a group or individual who is going to become part of the network is to agree to use the name “Coalition to Protect Canada Geese” when writing Letters to the Editor, press releases, e-mail, comments to the government, etc. on the issue of Canada Geese. So, for example, if you write a letter to the editor on the topic of Canada geese, you would sign it, “Your name, Coalition to Protect Canada Geese.” The reason we want the name used by as many people as possible is to be able to position ourselves as a widely spread out network with local clout with in a national (international) network.

It’s as simple as using “Coalition to Protect Canada Geese,” and staying in touch with Ann, the National Coordinator, so that we can get help for you when you need it, and conversely, contact you for help when it is needed.

As the name of the Coalition gains recognition, the politicians and media will start to take notice. Think of it as a marketing strategy. We are in the process of building national name recognition and with enough energy, it should be recognizable within a year or so. Our observers (the game agencies) will be watching the network mushroom!!

We want to standardize our image. We are asking Coalitions to please use the beautiful Canada goose logo at the top of this page that was designed by Gregg Feigelson, President of the original Coalition to Protect Canada Geese (formerly the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese). We are going for IMAGE consistency. We don’t want to look like a bunch of small groups. We will look and be stronger as the Coalition.

We are in the process of having the name trademarked because later, as we grow, we could have the other side using our name and we want to be able to selectively deny a group or individual the use of the name.

We will be designing various items to push out the name, which can be ordered by Coalitions for fund-raising and educational purposes. For example, bumper stickers, banners for demos, buttons, goose protector badges for children, and of course, pamphlets.

Ann Frisch writes the following:

Suggested reading: Wild Goose, Brother Goose by Mel Ellis. Mel worked at Field and Stream (a pro-fishing/hunting magazine) when he wrote this book. He was given an ultimatum – publish the book and you’ll get fired. He got fired. The book is not in print, but is available from your local library. We are working with his widow to get the book back into print. She strongly supports our efforts to protect the geese. We are looking for teachers who can write junior high or high school curriculum for this book.

Ann Frisch can be emailed at, phone 414-235-2185; fax 414-235-2285; or snail mail 3565 Bambi Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54904-9327.


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