Mom Struggles With Keeping Dad From Taking Daughter Hunting

Uncle Joes’ Advice

I need help. I don’t know who to contact. My daughter’s father claims he is taking her hunting the day after Thanksgiving for deer. My daughter is a huge animal lover and cries when watching nature shows she is so sensitive. I have expressed that I do not want him to take her but he says he is taking her anyway. Before I go and hire a lawyer and pay lots of money to fight this, I am curious to know if there are any other cases like this that your organization has heard of so I know if I have a fighting chance to prevent this from happening.

Joe advises:

This is indeed an unfortunate situation and it appears that the decision to go or not to go rests with your daughter. If you are able to physically stand behind her and support her while she defends her own wishes, that would be terrific. Saying “no” to a parent is a difficult thing, especially for young children.

You also need to assert your rights as a mother and tell your daughter’s father that you will not allow him to take her on a trip that can put her safety, and her life, in danger.

Our website has a plethora of news articles that report on hunting accidents – thousands of them take place every year. Hopefully you can use these to your and your daughter’s advantage.

Stand your ground and defend your daughter. By taking her hunting, he may be destroying the chance to have a lasting relationship with her.
He needs to be made to see this – that your daughter may resent him and see him as a violent person if he insists on taking her.

Good luck – I wish you and your daughter well


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