LOHV Rocks The Boat

The past two months LOHV was busy electioneering for various candidates who were committed to enact legislation for animal protection.

On August 23rd the Westchester Chapter of LOHV was reactivated after being inactive due to an overwhelming amount of professional, animal-activist and personal time demands on the chapter head, Kiley Blackman. There were a dozen involved individuals present at the meeting. The chapter is now again fully functioning with some of the time-demand pressure on Kiley having relaxed, and the addition of Suzan Porto, Esq. as the executive director of the chapter. The chapter was fully engaged in the election process in the  2007 General Election.

On September 12th Peter Muller from LOHV-USA and Diane Scala from the Capital Region’s chapter of LOHV appeared on Ann Parillo’s Cable TV show “Schenectady Today” to inform the audience about LOHV in general and local issues in the NY State Capital Region in particular. (Picture on the left: Ann, Diane, and Peter)

On September 15th we were tabling for LOHV at a well attended Vegetarian Conference in Saratoga, New York. The volume of attendees was truly astounding for a regional conference and the traffic at our table was in all respects comparable to some much more prestigious, better-advertised and more expensive national conference.  There was a great deal of interest in LOHV and many attendees signed up to get on our lists and contributed.

On September 8th we launched a new chapter in Clinton, New York.  Our meeting took place at the beautiful Spring Farm Cares Sanctuary. The manager of the center and the new chapter head is Robin Yager.  (Picture: Peter at Farm Cares, Robin Yager.)

The launch was well attended and well received. The initial presentation was followed by a lively discussion and exploration of the concepts and principles underlying the LOHV program of political action in behalf of animal protection.

One of our main events was our Manhattan dinner cruise fundraiser that took place on October 27th. The cruise was well attended.  We had volunteer entertainment from top-notch icons of the entertainment world: One was Nellie McKay. She is seen here enjoying the dinner cruise.

We had a very pleasant surprise: NYS Senator Frank Padavan joined our cruise. The Senator has supported many of our issues over the years. All participants were pleased with the cruise, the dinner, and interaction with other –like-minded individuals in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.  We believe we heard a definite mandate to make this an annual event.

We were also graced with the presence of the Hon. Brian Shapiro of the Ulster County Legislature who came with his wife, Renee. Brian is a long time friend of the animals and we were honored to have him and his wife aboard!


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