Later in October, Peter Muller will be on a panel on deer population control methods in Solon, Ohio.

That’s the city where the nefarious Tony DeNicola killed more than 600 deer over bait in a brutal and useless attempt to reduce the deer population. The panel will focus on immunocontraception as a tool in population control. In addition to Peter Muller from Wildlife Watch and League of Humane Voters (LOHV), there will be other panelists from the animal protection community.

Peter’s contribution to the panel will be to emphasize the need for political activism in moving toward the implementation of immunocontraception as an effective tool in controlling deer populations.

If you recall, Pete started a chapter of LOHV in Cayahoga County, OH where Solon is situated. If you are nearby and would like to join, please contact: Bridget Soeder at galileao@aol.com


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