By Anne Muller

This January, I was privileged to be invited by friends to Taiwan. While there, I met the folks who were instrumental in getting a comprehensive anticruelty statute passed in the country.

In our next issue, Del Seligman, Esq. will be writing an in-depth article about it, comparing it to U.S. anti-cruelty statutes. Sakya Chao-Fei is the Buddhist nun who founded Life Conservationist Association (LCA). In her brochure she wrote: “It is our policy to stop any unnecessary cruel treatment to animals, whether those animals are precious[endangered] or not.” LCA involves itself with wildlife individuals as well as the stray dogs of Taiwan Meet some of the active members of LCA: Frankie (left), Tucker (center) and Melissa (right). Tucker had just won the doggie lottery by getting adopted from the street by LCA. He was wisely hanging out in front of their office. Melissa will be in the US studying law soon and may return to Taiwan for some legal action.

In a recent communication, Melissa wrote: “Right now the government is working on the actual implementation of the Animal Protection Law. Specifically, they are working on procedures for hiring/training animal inspectors and on the specifics of dog registration.” To contact or contribute to the Life Conservationist Association, write to: LCA, 3F, No. 9, Nan King E. Road, Sec. 5, Taipei, Taiwan or e-mail  


PETS ALIVE is the East Coast group that has been taking many of the dogs from Taiwan. It is a no-kill shelter. Sara Whalen, founder, cares for no less than 400 animals, including carriage horses from New York City, pigs, and other farm animals, dogs from Taiwan, debeaked ducks from poultry factories. Donations can be mailed to: Pets Alive 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY, 10940, (914) 386-9738 . Their website is: .

ANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE FUND – This excellent legal aid organization gave our lawyer, Jim Sieradzki of Ros & Sieradzki, Clifton, NJ, a generous grant to help us with the Ringwood battle. We are very grateful to them. Donations can be mailed to Animal Legal Defense Fund, 127 Fourth St., Petaluma, CA 94952

ANIMAL DEFENSE LEAGUE – Energetic, organized, high school and college students call attention to animal abuse, especially fur, through street activism. They also helped us patrol posted property against hunting this past fall. They also do a vegan outreach, giving away vegan food on the street along with literature: Donations can be mailed to: NYC Animal Defense League, PO Box 20878 New York, NY 10009 Office: 718.274.4443 Events Hotline: 800.865.7415 Website: ; Email:


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