Letter to the Editor: State shouldn’t encourage killing

This letter is included here to encourage others to keep the focus on wildlife management agencies. As wildlife management agencies are responsible for managing for hunting, changes to their policies and the departments will spell life or death for hunting.

State shouldn’t encourage killing

Michael Risinit’s Aug. 27 article, “New York takes aim at deer in watershed,” is an infomercial for the hunting industry. According to his article, hunters are saviors of our forests and reservoirs. They will soon stand on white treestands and save New York City from the evil deer who are destroying the environment. Buried in the article is only one true quote by a game manager: “(City owned land will be open for hunting) primarily to expand recreational opportunities.” “Recreational opportunities” is a euphemism for “hunting.” Shame on the Bureau of Wildlife of the state Department of Environmental Conservation for tricking the public into believing that it gives a hoot about New York City water when it sends out hunters to pump leadshot into the ground and reservoirs.

Shame on BOW for its intentional increase of deer, bear and other “game” species. Shame on BOW for exaggerating problems caused by deer, and for creating whatever real problems may exist. Our focus must turn to wildlife management agencies, whose only goal is to perpetuate hunting to increase their revenues from excise taxes on “sporting” weapons, including handguns. Hunting has and will only exacerbate wildlife-human conflicts. The public and wildlife desperately deserve a sane and humane wildlife management bureau. If anyone would like to bring a lawsuit against BOW for car-deer collisions, crop or landscape depredation, or watershed erosion caused by deer (should that be proven), please call us. Wildlife Watch will be happy to help.

New Paltz

The writer is president, Wildlife Watch.

Printed Journal News, 9/2/02


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