Letter From the President – Winter 2013

Animal killing contests have been making headlines late- ly. A coyote killing contest held in central New Mexico caught the attention of interna- tional news agencies, and a squirrel hunting contest in western New York moved state politicians to call the event “insane” and call for its cancellation. New York state senator Tony Avella said of the event “I was absolutely shocked that in this day and age we are going to encourage young kids to get guns, which is an issue unto itself, and go out and shoot as many squir- rels as they can to win prizes.” Another coyote hunting contest in California generated more than 20,000 letters and emails opposing the gratuitous slaughter. So many lives are lost during these
violent and nonsensical contests, but such outrageous events oftentimes bring action. As a result of the event in New Mexico, legislation to ban wildlife killing contests is being considered in Santa Fe. We will keep our supporters notified of nationwide efforts to ban these killing contests through our Facebook page. Stay tuned.

American hunters have also made international news after turning into violent criminals. Experts in mental health have long known that violence against animals is often a stepping stone to violence against people, and the tragic example of ex-police offi- cer Chris Dorner is a good example of this. C.A.S.H. explores this con- nection in a brief article in this issue titled: Hunting Needs to be Part of the Gun Debate

In addition to the other excellent articles in this issue, please be sure to read, New Mexico’s Elected Land Commissioner says: Bay Coyote Killing Contests.

C.A.S.H. is thankful for its mem- bers and supporters who have shown us they care about wildlife and are concerned with the way wildlife agencies mismanage nature and put us all at risk. If this newsletter has made it into your hands or across your computer screen, and you are not yet a dues-paying member, please become a member today. Your dona- tions allow us to continue working on behalf of hunted and trapped wildlife.

Peace, Joe

Joe Miele, President, Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting


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