DEAR MEMBERS AND FELLOW ANTI-HUNTERS, I know you like to hear what we’ve been up to here at C.A.S.H. (besides researching and recording the endless list of hunting accidents and hunting violations on our new website), so I’ll begin by sharing the news of an interview C.A.S.H.’s own Anne Muller recently had with someone curious about the pros(?) and cons of sport hunting Here’s the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/curiosityness/id1329316868
And to go directly to the YouTube: http://youtube.com/c/TravDeRose Among my duties as president is to monitor the comments made on our blogsite. Comments from C.A.S.H. blog readers are always pro-wildlife and often quite profound. For example, here is a recent comment, from Geof:

…I’m very glad that you are now the President of CASH! …[You]… seem to be the only published environmentalist not afraid to take on the sport hunters and tell them what lowlifes they actually are. Please keep up the great work, it is important to your readers and you are the most prominent wildlife enthusiast regularly doing it. 

For more great comments or to leave your own, please visit the C.A.S.H. Blog: https://committeetoabolishsporthunting.wordpress.com

One thing I’m proud to say about the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, as opposed to your average environmental group or even those shady groups touting their (dubious and often self-serving) efforts in “conservation,” is that we stand for the individual animal. Itʼs easy to say you donʼt want to see a species to go extinct, but many groups promote, or turn a blind eye to, the hunting (ie:killing) of individual animals under the guise of raising funds for its species.

Iʼve come across a lot of different attitudes while searching for likeminded folks out there. But while some groups, from the Sierra Club to the Safari Club, may be able to claim more members and financial backing than others, any group that supports the taking of trophy heads, hides or horns to supposedly save its species is shooting itself in the foot, in my book.

Itʼs not that Iʼm biased toward the group C.A.S.H. just because Iʼm its president. Iʼve always believed we should advocate for the individual, while championing its species—whether or not said species is currently endangered. Who else really cares for the welfare of species like deer, who are not on the verge of going extinct soon, but whose plight is every bit as important as those who may well be. And really, what better way to ensure an individual animal’s or a species’ future than to abolish the sport of hunting


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