Legalized Terrorism In The United States?

What would you say if you lived in a land where even within your own home or on your own property you were at the mercy of armed individuals? Where at any moment your peace and quiet could be destroyed? Where at any moment your animals could be found dead? Or where bullets are shot into your walls? Or even shot into where you are sitting or sleeping? Or where you are unable to walk outside without fear? Or walk on your own land and enjoy it? Where armed individuals literally mock property owners, knowing full-well that law enforcement, in many cases, will do nothing or will support them? Would it be hard for you to believe that those intoxicated with alcohol could invade your peace and endanger your life and the lives of your children? What would you say about a land where even some children of those who are armed are allowed to do the same? Some states do not allow convicted felons to possess or carry forearms, but some of those same states still issue firearm hunting licenses to them!

What would you say about a land where laws are on the books but some who swore to uphold and enforce them instead ignore them, and even sometimes aid the criminals? Where you are told they don’t have the manpower to keep up with the complaints or properly patrol? Well if that is the case, does not even common sense dictate that until they do have the manpower for the sake of citizens’ safety that hunting should be stopped? What would you say about a country where many who hold office cater to these armed individuals who break the law and leave you and your family at their criminal ends, even passing unconstitutional legislation to further aid and abet them.

Would it sound like a land far away? Well, sadly, it is right here across America, and with each passing year it gets worse and worse. Of whom do I speak? Some lawless hunters across this land who have become nothing short of legalized terrorists. Law abiding citizens take their lives into their own hands by even considering buying land and a home out in the country. Forget about having to dress from head to foot in orange to walk on your own property, they shoot at that too, showing that many of them do not have the intelligence to even be carrying a firearm.

Homeland Security ignores the domestic terrorism of some hunters, many with criminal records, who are terrorizing us on our own private properties! How many people were killed in the last 10 years alone by hunters? How many wounded? How many domestic animals? And let’s not forget the property destroyed also. How many a citizen’s land is turned into a war zone each and every hunting season, and year round by poachers who are on the increase? And let’s not forget the wildlife itself, their propaganda that hunting helps, when many of us know from living in the country that wild animals are being killed at an alarming rate. This is fast becoming a land devoid of wildlife and biodiversity.

Am I saying all hunters are bad or criminals?  No. but the criminal ones are increasing at an alarming rate, and it is way past time that law enforcement did their jobs to give citizens back their right to peace and safety that the Constitution and laws on the books already guarantee. Would any of these officials want to be in such a war zone as many out here are forced to be contrary to the law?

Some corrupt officials, by not enforcing the laws, are endangering our lives and our children’s lives. When are we going to wake up America?

Yes the Constitution gives us the right to keep and bear arms, it does not give us the right to shoot them wherever or whenever we want, nor endanger another citizen’s life or peace or to terrorize them!

Rev. RJ is a pseudonym. – As we were going to print, two “law enforcement” officers entered Rev. RJ’s home and demanded to do a search for marijuana. Rev. RJ asked for their warrant, which they didn’t have, and he showed them the door. No doubt, this is not the end of a continuing nightmare caused by hunting, hunting interests, and “law enforcement” agencies.


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