Legal Cruelty – Take Your Pick or Make Something Up

Posted by his trapper without comment.
You are witnessing the sheer terror of a trapped animal who knows he is about to die a brutal death. Perhaps it is a vain call for pity to a heartless soul, perhaps a vain call to his mother for help who herself may have died this way, perhaps it is a call to God.We hope that this cry of agony can reach those who sit in sterile offices far removed from grass, earth, mud, raw pain, and fear.It’s there that the lives of those animals who haven’t yet endured this treatment can be spared. 

Compiled by C.A.S.H.

We want to believe that as the dastardly deeds get more exposure, and as the hunters/trappers/and other perverse characters are placed squarely in the sunlight, laws criminalizing those who kill for sport, sadism, or profit will be enacted at all levels of government.

Coyote killing contests have come under so much fire from animal protective organizations that they are happening under the radar. Last year a group proudly announced: “Coyote contest offers $2,000 for biggest take.” They got an article in the newspaper. This year there were a few fliers put around. According to the DEC, it’s legal. A small-game-hunting license or trapping license is required. The contest rules were simple: “Guns have to be used and ‘the varmints’ have to be fresh killed that day. No frozen leftovers.”

Beyond the contests, one merely needs to get onto their lists, read their words, see their photos, hear their sick comments and brutal banter to know that this is the most unsavory, mentally ravaged, spiritually bereft, emotionally brutalized group of “people” to have the audacity to call themselves human. Some of the photos have already been pulled from the trapper/hunter sites.

So, put on your seatbelts. We want to take you inside their lists. You may think this is a ride through hell, and you are right. See for yourselves and let us know if you think this needs to be brought to an end. If so, please contact us at:

This should be criminalized behavior, not only for the animals, but for what they have done to their own children.

Brace yourselves: Here are the photos and here are the comments and the banter.

All comments below, unless otherwise indicated, are by the coyote killers.

Two “winners” submitted to a trap site for “Best Photo”

Photo Removed By Request


The hulking shadow of the father overseeing his daughter’s execution of the raccoon got mixed reviews – even from his own ilk:

The father complains:
it got deleted over on pafurtakers…some people bi%^hed about it..because she has a pistol and not a rifle… [LOL means LAUGH OUT LOUD]…. jealosy…i tell ya….o well…i have it in the photo album so…i just figured i would share is all…..

Response 1: I like the pic. Good job teaching her.

Response 2: That’s the way to teach her, better than sitting in the house playing video games..GOOD JOB DAD

Response 3: The pic was deleted on PA furtakers because I am pretty sure it is illegal for a child to dispatch with a pistol. It has absolutely nothing to do with ethics…It would be no different than me posting a pic with the title, “Hey everyone, look at this deer I poached”!


I must say that it was terribly disturbing to write about the degree of cruelty exposed on these sites. We are grateful to the Internet for opening up so many once-hidden pits of depravity.
The killing fields: traps set like landmines.

Trapper comment:
Terrible photo, but took 10 coyotes here, including this double: 


Caught him solidly on the thick ear cartilage right where the ear meets the skull. He was going nowhere’s…. BUT BUT BUT…..the coyotes got to him first, so I don’t have a live picture of him, nor could I skin him. A picture of a live fox with a trap on his head would have been priceless! Dang coyotes!


Caught my first tree hugger! Finally!
I told myself: Why its dead while I was approaching… Holly sh..
All tangled up on the rear leg…Ouchhh Maybe was too much for him?

A closer inspection tells me why it did not like the -23 Celsius we got last night and the weight…. it ran at least 200 ft with that rig all around him and never go in the bush… the yote stayed in my trail all the time..

The coyote get caught in one set ( pair of traps + 1 grapple) and while escaping the location… the yote jumped in another one of my set ( 2 traps and 1 grapple ) and get caught by the rear leg in that second set.

wow, I have hooked a yote to two traps before. So you gang set on drags, I like that idea…


And here are my battle-worn dogs and the coyote that gave them hell……smiles on all three of us are genuine. The dogs love this stuff……

Then, I get the coyote out and Boone starts draggin him away.
Then, I start walking back to the truck, draggin said coyote behind me, and Boone kept grabbing him, once yanking him out of my grip.

Then, I grab the two back legs of said coyote and throw him over my shoulders and Boone lept up and grabbed the coyote by the neck and tried to dislodge my grib.

THEN (yes, there’s more) when I laid the coyote on the tailgate, he grabbed him off again……he was really really really mad at that coyote.

Buddy does this on gophers and muskrats———— I kid you not! plus bays on them-

Never heard of a beagle being mad at a gopher……Now THAT’s a cartoon in the making……Gappa, trying to get a shot at a gopher while his beagle is in the gopher’s face, barking. Classic….. thanks!

he wil come to the mound with me, and I’ll get him going at one down the hole- come on, get um, get um…. and his head will be right there and hes pumped- and I pull the gopher out with a flourish and up into the air- and he just about flies at me to grab that gopher, teeth just a snapping- coyotes and coon, fox- he sniffs at at walks away- if he doesn’t piss on them…..same with mink, beaver which I think he would like- but mrats and gophers-he does run fox, but no interest in dead ones

I believe that a good prepared bait with antifreeze is very attractive. A frozen hunk of fish or meat is not. I often add a good shot of fox urine to my fish oil mix. This seems to really pick up the catch on cold nights.

By now you get the point – they are out-brutalizing each other to determine who’s the most barbaric.

We’d like to end with a wish-
That they may live their lives in peace .
It is a dream that many of us share.

You can help this dream become a reality by supporting C.A.S.H. and the wonderful groups that are doing so much to help coyotes.

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