Lefty Didn’t Stand A Chance

Mid-December, a lone male deer somehow made his way into a Harlem park. He was named “Lefty” by the crowd that gathered to watch him.


After the news broke, NYS Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor de Blasio were as usual at odds with each other. Cuomo wanted Lefty transported upstate, and de Blasio wanted him euthanized. Wildlife Watch had calls singing Cuomo’s praises. Even our plumber who hunts “sided” with Governor Cuomo about not “euthanizing” the deer as de Blasio wanted to do. Since Lefty became news, I’ve heard some folks say that Andrew Cuomo has “changed” and become “humane”; that Andrew Cuomo is “softening” on wildlife.

Cuomo knew better than most that there is NO sanctuary for a healthy deer. Wildlife rehabilitators are not permitted to keep healthy deer. He knows that hunting is still on-going in the woods here in upstate – seeNY Deer and Bear Hunting Seasons.

Whether Lefty died in a “shelter” from stress, during transportation of a heart attack, or in the woods by a hunter’s bullet, Lefty was sadly doomed.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has actively participated in increasing hunting, trapping, fishing in NYS. The is to avideo that will give you a better idea of Andrew Cuomo’s aiding and abetting the Bureau of Wildlife (BOW) within the DEC, so you can see the cozy relationship they have.

Please also visit Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gives Hunters and Trappers the Key to NY to see much more.

If Cuomo runs for third term, as some people are speculating, he’ll be that much farther ahead if he can split the animal vote by baffling and confusing the media and animal protectionists about his concern for wild animals. The Harlem deer, Lefty, gave Governor Cuomo and BOW an opportunity to look “humane,” but please don’t be fooled.

Sadly, Lefty died in a shelter while waiting for the politicians to decide his fate.

One of many photos from DEC website

As we grieve for Lefty, I urge you to also embrace the other NYS deer who are being harassed and killed by legal hunting that is encouraged by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Don’t let Cuomo fool you, he’s no friend of wild animals!



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