Law Enforcement is Non-existent in Iowa During Hunting Season

Two years ago, a deer hunter trespassing on my property threatened to kill me. I first tried to call a  DNR warden, but he was not on duty, so I called the sheriff. The office would do nothing. Iowa has two shotgun deer seasons in December. The first one is five days long, the second one is 10 days long.

During these seasons the DNR wardens take time off, so if you need help, you won’t find it. You will get their phones with recordings that tell you to call the state police. I called the state dispatcher last year about illegal hunters and the dispatcher told me if I can find a DNR officer,

I will have him call you.

95 minutes later, a warden called me and said, “Well, I’m in your area, but I don’t see anyone.”

This shows clearly that Iowa’s DNR, as well as the sheriffs’ departments, have given hunters here favorite son status.


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