Labor Day

Labor Day
and the guns roar along our river,

Nothing like a paid holiday
and this fall’s first chance to kill.

Based on no science,
but pushed by the awesome clout
of the hunting lobby,

our state has opened
an early goose killing season
so that happy holiday folks

can loosen up their gunning skills
and bring the whole family
along to join in the fun.

Unprepared for this early ambush,
geese fall dead,
or more often maimed,
all along the river,

And as they are split up
by the shotgun blasts,
members of pairs

wail and search desperately
for their mates
and their still-dependent young.

Bleary-eyed hunters
and their well-fed dogs
revel in the carnage,

Staggering back to family camps
to wow the wide-eyed children

with torn and bleeding carcasses
and tall tales of hunting prowess.

Such a wholesome family time,
celebrating murder
and aggravated assault
to herald in another autumn.

Now that little Jimmy can walk and talk
maybe he’ll be able
to blow away his first deer later this year,

And for today,
old Dad can kick back
and mellow out

amidst the heady brew
of adrenaline, testosterone
and alcohol,

relishing this special holiday
and trying to capture
for just a fleeting moment

that marvelous feeling
of being
a real man.

By John Cannon


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