Killing Bears is Not the Answer

By Joe Miele, President of CASH

Next time, could you get some spaghetti?

When your bears are facing brutal decisions by municipalities or the state, follow these steps:

  • Do not allow bear hunting to become a gun rights issue. Keep the focus on the hunt and its inefficacy.
  • Stress that the bears who are entering residential areas are not going to be the ones who will be hunted. The ones hunted will be living in suitable bear habitat and will have no reason to venture into the public eye. People who are intentionally or inadvertently attracting them need to modify their own behavior voluntarily via education or because of local ordinances or state laws.
  • Improper handling of household trash is the number one reason why bears will frequent an area. People need to learn how to hang bird feeders properly, and they need to stop leaving out pet food for their dogs or cats. For a host of reasons, cats should be kept indoors, and dogs should be outside only when supervised. The cultural carrying capacity (public acceptance of wild animals) can be increased through education and countering scare-mongering with common sense.

For more information, contact the BEAR Group in NJ and the North American Bear Center in Ely, MN.


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