Photo By: Joan Lyons

Joan Lyons found this little fawn on her property. He had been shot next to a “No Trespassing” sign. She had the brilliance to think about taking a yardstick to show his small size. The newspapers in her area ran this story. Just how much longer can this be tolerated?

Marie Cassielives on Canandaigua Lake in the Fingerlakes. She was charged with Hunter Harassment for trying to keep a hunter from shooting next to her home. Marie wants to get a bill passed that would require waterfowl hunters to be a t least 150 yards (450 feet) from an occupied resident like most other states have. Contact us if you want to help Marion.

Home Rule Trapping Bill – Once again New Yorkers have to write and call their elected state representatives to support A5202 and S.3739–Although A5202 passed three committees, it did not get to a final vote during the last legislative session.

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