Jan Haagensen Is Not Alone In Being Threatened And Harassed By Trespassing Hunters With Public Law Enforcement Backing

Kathy Andrews has 200 acres in South Carolina. She wrote:

11/16 – Just wanted to give you folks an update.  I was recently arrested for taking a dog collar.

Spent the night in jail.  Needless to say, the time has come to put a stop to this.

It has been absolute hell dealing with these people.  They managed to get a special investigator with the Sheriff’s Department to arrest me for having a radio dog collar.  My lawyers said I could have that collar for 48 hours before turning it in.  They got it in a matter of hours by persuading campus police to let them in my locked office.  I work at a local university.

11/27 – I still have no word on the dismissal of the dog collar (petty larceny) case against me. I guess I’ll go to a jury trial for alledgedly stealing a dog collar the hunters got back in a matter of hours after going into my locked office. I have written 60 minutes with my problems and I think it would be good if others experiencing problems with hunters would write them also. I wrote and also emailed 60m@cbsnews.com. Perhaps folks could ask them to carry my story: Victoria Gordon, Story Editor-60 minutes, CBS News, 524 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

I have also talked with the head of the South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) about what I’ve been going through and what others in my community have gone through with these hunters who have a relative in the Florence Sheriff’s Dept. He said if my attorney contacts him, he will investigate.

In the meantime, it’s really a mess. A landowner who was going in with me in a harassment lawsuit against the hunters was set up with stolen goods. An old co-worker asked him if he could put a tractor and other farm equipment on his land (he has 500 acres) because he was going out of business. This old co-worker is friends with the hunters we’ve found out since. My friend was arrested for stolen goods and now he can’t find the co-worker who put the goods on his farm. My friend was arrested and jailed. The equipment was in one of his fields in the open and he said he honestly didn’t think too much of the request.

Time of Terror in a small town in South Carolina Landowners for a Safe & Peaceful Environment

By Kathy Andrews

Pamplico, S.C. November 28, 2006- “The gun blasts start at 5am. It’s constant disruptive noise from gunshots and barking hunting dogs. The hunters use the dogs as an excuse to trespass, threaten and harass landowners,” said Kathy Andrews who was arrested for taking a radio dog collar off of a hunting dog that was harassing her animals. “We can’t walk out our door without fearing we’re going to be shot to death or our animals killed by hunting dogs.” For some residents of Pamplico, a rural town in Florence County, the holidays mean terror.

For Dr. Pickins Moyd, a prominent surgeon in Hartsville, S.C., trespassing hunters have ruined his dream of having a place for his sons to hunt on the Great Pee Dee River. Dr. Moyd purchased 378 acres bordering the river. “I don’t feel that any landowner should have to turn over use of his property to any group simply to provide them a place to hunt,” said Moyd. “It seems a crime that a man can buy land, develop it for wildlife enhancement, and then have hunters who use dogs to track wildlife take over.”

“We’ve put up “No Trespassing” signs and these people continue to commit acts of violence and law enforcement is helping them. They had me falsely arrested,” said Darryl Cox, of Pamplico, who has had numerous confrontations with trespassing hunters.

“For African Americans like Andrews, dog hunting has historical significance and these hunters use it to their advantage. They drive around in huge trucks with confederate flag emblems on the windshields, and dog cages in the back. We know that when the Ku Klux Klan wasn’t using dogs to run down and lynch blacks, they used the dogs to hunt coon and deer,” said Merritt Clifton, editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE, a leading independent newspaper.

Kathy Andrews’ book “Hunters Kill More Than Animals” will be available December 25th at www.dangeroushunters.com. Kathy can be contacted at: Florencemedia@aol.com

1/14 – Story appears in SC paper www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/16455305.htm

…and Kathy is not alone ….

C.A.S.H. was sent the following email during this hunting season in Missouri.

I am Pastor Randall Cali of St. Clair County Missouri, about ten miles south east of Osceola MO.

As many of us, I have had many problems with trespassers and poachers, and just plain criminals shooting and harassing us here in our acreage in the woods.

We have been shot at, our property vandalized and through most of the year harassed morning, noon and night by gunshots. We have even been outside as bullets hit the trees. The local authorities have really done nothing to end the problem. We even had convicted felons being given hunting licenses even when in Missouri they are not suppose to be in possession of a firearm. We have had our woods set on fire twice also. I have called Conservation agents out but I don’t anymore, as they do nothing.

I know others can agree with me that we feel we at times are living in a war zone. Why do we have Homeland Security when even convicted felons can wander around in the woods armed and others as well? Since we moved here 11 years ago, the wildlife population has suffered greatly, we used to have deer running through our woods and even coyotes at night, but now we hardly ever see deer and don’t even hear the coyotes. I know many Americans are having these problems and probably even worse.

I think it is way past time this sport hunting, in fact all hunting was abolished. I am tired of my life and others being endangered and tired of being harassed. We have rights too, and it’s way past time they were upheld.

Pastor Randall Cali can be contacted at: sicilian53@gmx.net.

If you are a landowner and have been threatened or harassed, please send Your account to: WILDWATCH@VERIZON.NET


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