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Many thanks to Merle Wilson and Herman Lenz for providing C.A.S.H. with pertinent news from Iowa.

Iowa habitat and Access Program (IHAP)

From Merle Wilson

Re: Iowa Outdoors, magazine of the IA DNR “Get Your Hunt On”

Merle reports on an IOWA DNR article titled, GET YOUR HUNT ON! (this title was removed from their online site.)

Merle writes:

Here is an article to give you an idea of what the DNR is up to. The “Get Your Hunt On” article tells us about private land being opened to hunters. The DNR somehow has gotten 20 million dollars from the farm subsidy program to bribe landowners.

The DNR claims that everything they do is based on science. The report from a DNR agent says the DNR had bow hunters count deer at night with spotlights. What science do you suppose is involved here when the two groups that benefit the most from an overpopulated deer herd are doing the count?

On a radio broadcast early this year, a DNR biologist admitted that the DNR manages the deer herd for the highest number possible.

I read uncle Joe’s answers to the student. These were good questions and good answers.

Keep up the good work of trying to educate younger people.

More IOWA news

From Herman Lenz:

Youth 16 or older can bypass the hunter ed requirement if they apprentice with a licensed adult. The reason is that they want young people who don’t hunt now to try it without the encumbrance of having to educate themselves.

A bill is on its way to the governor that allows IOWA gun owners to use silencers (in violation of federal law) on their firearms if they don’t know that it’s illegal!

IOWA Senate passes a bill that landowners are able to carry loaded and uncased long guns while operating off road vehicles. Non-landowers would have to case and unload their firearms and get off of their vehicle to shoot.



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