In Memory of Rita Sarnicola

Rita’s friends at C.A.S.H. lost a dear friend and colleague on February 3, 2012. Rita Sarnicola passed away after a long illness.  Rita was a strong fighter for animal protection.  She was the founder of CROW  – Citizens Respectful of Wildlife- whose mission was to stop crow killing in Auburn, NY, and “Shooting Contests” in NYS.  Most recently, Rita was the Director of the Finger Lakes Region Affiliate of LOHV NY.  Rita and her husband, Joe, lived in Auburn, In Rita’s obituary, one line popped out: Rita loved animals and was very active in the humane treatment of any species…

Joe, Rita’s husband wrote:

Rita’s public work for animals started when she joined the board of the local SPCA, then became its president. She did not like its antiquated ways, especially the high euthanasia rate.  I’m pleased to say that the SPCA no longer kills thousands of cats and dogs each year, and that might never have changed unless someone like Rita had stepped in.

She held many different pet and wildlife educational events and programs, and often visited schools for the same reason. She enjoyed working with the League of Humane Voters on bills and gaining support for them.  Rita fought against the crow killing here, and tried to turn what the community viewed as a negative into a positive, such as having a crow festival. She held a few crow related events at two museums here, and was making real progress.

Fifteen years ago, she started a pet food pantry, which is still being operated by a lovely couple.  She wanted to do so much more, but her health prevented her from doing so.
It goes without saying that it will be a sadder world for the animals and for us without our dear friend, Rita.   Rita will be in our hearts as we press for humane change.

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Barb Lomow informed us of the sad passing of Walt Rave on December 9, 2011.  He was a four-decade-long animal rights activist. He died from horrendous burn injuries suffered in a fire at his house three days earlier. He had delayed exiting to save his cats who also perished.

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