In Memoriam – Our Dear Friend and Corporate Secretary, Celia Lindblom

Celia Woodley Lindblom, former owner of Scandinavian Design Inc. in New York City passed away Christmas Day, December 25, 2016.

In her personal life, Celia was an environmentalist and active in the animal rights movement. We met Celia in 1985 when she had just gotten her dog, Hasse, back from a veterinary hospital. She had rescued Hasse, a shepherd mix, from a junkyard where he was being shot with BBs, and was ill from exposure and deprivation. Celia paid for his one year veterinary hospitalization until he was well enough to live for the rest of his life in her home in Stony Point, NY.

Celia’s love for animals never waned over the years, but rather increased. She was Wildlife Watch’s Secretary since its inception in 2004, and prior to that, she was the corporate secretary of Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting.

Celia also was extremely active, and helped to form the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese, the Rockland County organization that launched its successful campaign to stop the gassing of a purported 10,000 Canada geese.Additionally, Celia was a firm believer in organic and vegan food. She never gave up her activism and continued to demonstrate against war and for social justice causes as long as she could.

The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, Wildlife Watch, and Anne and Peter Muller are among many who will deeply miss Celia, our dear friend for so many years. Celia will always remain with us, looking on from afar and rooting for the animals.



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