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Farewell, Dearest Sugar

Usually, when we think of companion animals, dogs and cats come to mind, or a few other types of “pets.” However, if we but knew it, there are many animal species who have found a friend in man. There are likewise certain humans with an affinity for other animals, and who are fortunate enough to find a close companion among them.

Such was the case with Thomas Lee Boles, a semi-retired EEG technician living in Minnesota, and his loving companion, Sugar, a white-tailed deer. He wrote about this connection in Deer Companions: A True Wildlife Story.

Deer Companions describes years of observations at a deer preserve. Boles introduces us to many white-tailed deer and their human caretakers. Possessed of genuine empathy for these gentle, intelligent individuals, Boles was, in a sense, adopted into the deer family. One doe, named Sugar, became a particular friend, and their visits were always mutually rewarding.

Boles’ book includes an appendix describing habitat and herd manipulations by so-called “conservation” agencies that merely serve to “enhance sporting opportunities,” i.e., increase deer populations for hunters’ “sport.” This belies the absurd claim that hunting is about population control.

Sadly, Sugar passed away recently. We reviewed Deer Companions in the Fall 2009 Courier, so Thomas wrote to us about the loss of his dear friend:

My sweetheart Sugar, who reinvented the art of kissing and starred in Deer Companions, died last Tuesday following a brief illness. Heat stroke is suspected. She leaves a son, Ulysses, and a daughter, Penny, who is as sweet as her mother. Sugar was 11 years old.

Wildlife Watch extends deepest condolences to Thomas, and hopes that Sugar’s legacy of love and inter-species understanding will live on.

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