In Loving Memory

(August 11, 1921 –
October 5, 2003)

We deeply feel the loss of Virginia Gillas who, over the years, cheered us with her correspondence and stories of the many animals she cared for. We know that she is now with those who passed before her to continue to care for them on that other plane of existence.

Virginia wrote to us, “I rescued as pups (still here, all grown up) July 1997”

We would appreciate hearing from anyone who can give us information about Virginia’s companion animal family which she often wrote to us about. We thank Merritt Clifton of Animal People notifying us of Virginia’s passing.

Precious Fluffy
December 12, 1988 – August 30, 2003

“In Loving Times”

“She was a kitten 14 years and 8 months ago…but now to Heaven her life has flown…”

A precious member of the family of Elisabeth B. Joshi.


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