Hunting Perpetuates a Violent Society: Letter to the Editor

As a long-time reader of the Valley Advocate — I look forward each week to the latest edition — I have to tell you how disappointed and offended I am to learn about your love of killing innocent creatures (“Why I Hunt” by Tom Vannah Dec. 4, 2014).

Clearly, you have bought into the hunting myth, but it is obvious to me that in order to kill someone who has done you no harm and posed you no threat, you have to completely desensitize yourself to another’s feelings, as well as close down your own.

This is usually done by objectifying and commodifying that being in one’s mind instead of viewing him/her as a sensitive, thinking, feeling creature who wants to live no less than you do. This process is what perpetuates a violent society, and shooting an unarmed other, is a  ully’s act. I am truly sorry that you have revealed yourself to be a bully and a killer.

– Batya Bauman, Amherst MA


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