Hillsborough, New Jersey, Fear Hunters Will Kill A Child

Parents in the Township of Hillsborough, NJ, are afraid to let their children play in yards after a bullet came into a resident’s house.  The bullet passed through a linen closet and fell after hitting a wall in an upstairs bathroom. The Grandmother and youngest child were home at the time.

Neighbors went to the township to lodge their complaints about trespassing hunters.  They want the buffers around the house increased as bullets and arrows travel farther.  “One life is too much to lose.”

One man said he has had buckshot rain down on him, and was almost assaulted when he confronted hunters in tree stands.  Another said there were many decaying carcasses (deer bodies) out there. An elderly man got up and said he also had bullets rain down and WAS assaulted by hunters.

Hillsborough, NJ Township information is:

Thank you to Susan Gordon for the posting.

Support Hillsborough by stating your agreement with increased buffers or – better yet – a hunting ban.


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