As Hurricane Katrina has devastated people, animals, and the environment, we are dedicating space for announcements, appeals, and to let you know how we’ve helped and how you can help too

Sent by Suzy

Suzy said: This is a very disturbing video link. I do NOT recommend it for children. It shows some Dallas reporters’ videotape of a police officer shooting friendly pets down in the street, not even cleanly killing them: Sgt. Mike Minton, the sheriff, is shooting down dogs in front of newsmen- see video below.

St Bernards sheriff’s phone number is 504-271-2504

The following are the numbers for the St. Bernard Parish and control, please call and voice your disturbance at this officer’s capacity to do this. 678-255-3403, 678-255-3404, 678-255-3405

Also, please call:

The Governor’s office at 866-310-7617 .

Senator Landrieu’s Office: 202-224-5824.

Sherry Landry, City Attorney, 504-658-9800, 504-565-7691 (is

supposed to be in charge of entire evacuation plan now)

Suzy said: “Shooting Katrina animal victims is NOT a solution.

These people have lost everything. To shoot someone’s dog on top of it is a disgrace. How can people think like this?

Please contact Suzy for more information!


We’ve contributed two inflatables to volunteers who went to New Orleans to rescue animals, wildlife or domestic. The following e-mail from Marty Williams was so uplifting. Marty is a local coordinator of rescue efforts in Alabama:

Talked with Deborah today and she said she needed LOADS more boats. They are using YOUR boats to trail behind the flatbottom boats and load the crated, saved animals on the inflatables!!! You did a great thing. Sleep well tonight, knowing that some of the beasties you’ll see on TV probably hitched a ride on your contribution.



And, btw, Deborah says they desperately need refrigerated trucks at staging. She rented one with her own money, 3000 bucks, and said they need more. I’ve found volunteer driver, but need to find A/C truck. Perhaps some funds could go toward this??

We urge you to be in touch with Marty Williams who can put you in touch with others who are helping out at their own expense.


Also because of Marty’s networking, we were able to contribute a Karcher power washer for a staging area in Louisiana where hundreds of animals are being held until their human companions can find them.

The way we made the purchase was Cliff Cole’s idea. (Cliff is a rescuer in Louisiana.) He suggested that we buy the washer online at Sears and click for pick up by Cliff at a local Sears in LA. When they heard what the purchase was for and how it came about, Sears bent their rule which demands that the credit card be shown to them at pick-up!

Hooray for Cliff, Sears, and the animals!

Wildlife Watch received the following message from Cliff: Hello, all went without a hitch. Delivered washer last night around 8:30. It was much appreciated. Take care and God Bless. Cliff Cliff Cole, Vice President, GoodPeople,


We hope our New York members will stay in touch with Moria Holland . Moria will be bringing as many furry babies back as she can, so if you can help to foster a companion animal, until his or her human companion can be found, please let Moria know.

Moria had written several days before the post below that she was concerned she wouldn’t have enough to bring down to New Orleans. The day she was leaving, she e-mailed:

Hi Anne!

We were just overwhelmed with contributions in the last 24 hours, our car is totally full! It’s wonderful! As a result, I think Marty can best direct how to donate, or me when I’m down there. I will be touching base with Marty on my way. Thank you so much! I will do my best to find you a small dog to foster when I return.

Muffins has agreed to post them to help find homes.

Warm Regards,



It goes without saying that everyone needs more.

Wonderful people have independently volunteered to be in the frontlines and help out, but they desperately need our financial support. By contributing to them directly, you ensure that every penny is spent on the animals’ rescue.

Please help them in this hour of need.

Contact Coordinator Marty Williams


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