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A chilling e-mail came to us recently. Although it is “off-topic” for the Courier, we encouraged the sender to take photos. We feel compelled to share them along with her commentary.

“I am an animal/environmental/human rights activist in the USA, but am teaching in S Korea right now. I am always glad to find other people who are also helping animals. Thank you for caring beyond yourself & your species.”

Here are the pictures I promised. I am sorry they aren’t great quality. I used a disposable camera and it was a gray morning-

I especially wanted the dog to show up better, but the light was behind him. One photo is of the “restaurant/ butcher” where you can dine or just take your dog to be slaughtered. One of the dogs of that breed is on the roof. Another photo is of a shop of a dog eater that chains dogs out front (by the bowl by the umbrella stand) when he’s working- He is between dogs in this picture – just the empty bowl there. I fed & petted two of them until I realized what he was and what he thought they were for. They looked at him like a hero since he got them out of the small cages in the dog market. I wish I could do more.

As I was getting pictures of the “shop,” a dog came out and I took pictures.

The dogs they think of as food are beautiful,-white or brindle; their heads are between a shepherd and akita. I feel frustrated that they love the tiny dogs, but don’t see that the others make good friends, too. Of course, I feel that way about all species.

I knew a woman who loved her pot-bellied pig yet ate ham. She didn’t see the connection. Maybe one day… There are certainly more vegetarians and vegans in the US now. Of course, the US food programs and McDonalds, etc. turned a lot of foreign veggie people into meat eaters.

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Thanks for the following post from Adele:


JULY 16, 2003

Contact: Kyenan Kum, , (510) 271-6795

Bok Days are the hottest days of the year in Korea. They are also the days in which the greatest number of dogs are consumed. Some Koreans believe that eating dog-meat stew will alleviate the summer heat, in addition to increasing a man’s sexual prowess. While this season spans 30 days, only three days are designated Bok Days; this year they fall on July 16th, (the beginning of the season) July 26th, and August 15th.

We need as many people to support these demonstrations against dog-eating as we can get! Each year over 2.6 million dogs and hundreds of thousands of cats are tortured and killed for human consumption. Korean dog eaters believe that the more a dog suffers, the more tender and sexually potent the meat. Korea’s 1991 Animal Protection Law makes it illegal to harm or abuse dogs, cats and all other animals, and yet the Korean government does nothing to stop these atrocities. With our show of international force, we will lobby the Korean government for stronger, enforceable animal protection laws that will protect companion animals from being eaten.

If you are curious about how our demonstrations operate, please see  for examples. You can also download flyers for the demonstrations from the same page.

As always, please contact IAKA with any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, or concerns. Thank you and lets make some noise for the cats and dogs of Korea!


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