Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gives Hunters and Trappers the Key to NY

Gov. Cuomo wants to bring hunters closer to our homes:

Click here to watch Gov. Cuomo’s dangerous plan

Governor Cuomo hunting trapping

Crossbows can be bought for as little as $17

Gov Cuomo plans to attract many out-of-state hunters

Ted Nugent in Central Park

Click here to watch Gov. Cuomo’s Proposal in full

Gov. Cuomo is indifferent to suffering wildlife

Gov. Cuomo engages in and encourages sport hunting

Gov. Cuomo wants to expand bobcat trapping

Click the nightmarish image above to stop this cruel plan!

This display was designed by C.A.S.H. to have Section I (letter i) removed from the NYS budget.

If you are receiving this electronically, please play the videos to see for yourself.


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