GOD’S DOG by Hope Ryden

Review by Anne Muller

Due to the timeliness of attempts to increase coyote hunting, a review of this excellent book deserves front cover prominence.

Read this important book and pass it along to others, for if ever there was a book that would change the attitude of the general public toward coyotes, it’s “God’s Dog.”

Did you know, for example, that coyote dens are deep underground burrows? Did you know that coyotes have strong family ties? that they put out fires! That they communicate over several miles, giving specific messages to specific individuals, such as “Hey, Gray Dog, this is Mama Red Legs, meet me at rendezvous rock in one hour.”

Did you know that parents, aunts and uncles have to put up with unruly youngsters and come up with all sorts of tricks to lure them back to the den when they run off? Did you know that coyotes are sanitation workers and firefighters; that their diet consists of carrion, insects, and rodents; that they run from people and even elk.

Hope Ryden was commissioned by National Geographic to write an article about coyotes. She lived in the wild, alone, over a two year period observing two generations of one family. She wrote the article, and later the book, God’s Dog.

Hope Ryden is one of the great naturalists of our time. She has written over 30 books on wildlife. Jane Goodall wrote the preface to Lily Pond, a book about Hope’s 4-year study of beavers in the wild. Dr. Goodall said, “Hope Ryden appreciates the beauty and wonder of the natural world and she describes it powerfully‚ĶReading this book was for me, like journeying into a fascinating new world: I am enriched.”

God’s Dog is MUST reading. It MUST be reintroduced to the public to counteract government and hunter propaganda about the coyote. For your convenience you can use our catalog form (back page) to order at discount ($15).

Toward that end, with Hope’s permission, Wildlife Watch has developed a program that can be used to give presentations on this book at bookstores or other venues. We encourage you to PLEASE set up something at a store in your community. We will be happy to get the presentation package to you or, if needed, do the presentation. Contact Wildlife Watch at wildwatch@worldnet.att.net   or call 914-255-4227.


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