Michael J. Bragman is the Majority Leader of the NY State Assembly. He is from the Syracuse area. He quickly drifted towards issues that had to do with fish and wildlife management. He is a staunch defender of consumptive destruction of wildlife. He consistently introduces bills that favor hunting and trapping. Bragman was named Majority Leader of the New York State Assembly in 1993.

The following awards evidence his single-minded devotion to wildlife destruction:

1) The Legislative Conservationist of the Decade Award from the Onondaga Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs;

2) Induction into the NYS Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame;

Currently Bragman is sponsoring four bills in the Assembly that seek to make it easier to kill and maim New York’s wildlife:

1) Bill A04287 seeks to abolish the requirement to get a permit to kill coyotes in the entire State of New York, see page 2 of the C.A.S.H. COURIER.

2) Bill A1083 proposes to lower the hunting age for big game to 14 (from 16). This would mean that fourteen year olds can hunt deer and bear with a rifle during the hunting season. In the light of the recent rash of teen-age shootings in various parts of the country, it seems irresponsible to make high-power rifles accessible to fourteen-year-olds. Let’s not ignore the fact that 12 year olds can hunt small game.


Bragman introduced legislation lowering the hunting age in the NYS Assembly about a day or so before the Jonesboro killings .Following the Jonesboro killings, USA Today reported that the homicide rate among urban young people declined since 1990, but in rural America it increased 56%!

Sent by Charles Patterson

LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) — The man who sold a semiautomatic handgun to the two Columbine High killers went shooting with them in the woods three times in the month before the bloodbath, the man’s lawyer said today. Mark Manes, 22, admitted selling the semiautomatic TEC DC-9 to one of the teen-agers but did not know it would be used in the April 20 attack that left 15 dead, including the gunmen, said attorney Robert Ransome. Manes, a computer programmer and former Columbine student, was booked on suspicion of providing a handgun to a minor, punishable by six years in prison. His lawyer is trying to work out a deal.

3) Bill A7135 will permanently abolish the provision in the hunting law that prohibits hunting on Sundays for deer and bears when hikers and campers traditionally like to enjoy the outdoors.

4) Bill A1084 repeals the current NY state law that prohibits setting snares underwater to drown beavers. Underwater snares hold beavers underwater and drown the trapped animal, a process which usually takes one-half hour. About 5 or 6 years ago, AR activists in NY considered it a great victory to have a law passed to outlaw this cruel and barbaric trapping method. This bill seeks to undo that law.

The Senate companion to A7135 is S4193, Please contact Carl Marcellino (his district is Long Island, NY), Chair, Senate EnCon Committee at , 518-455-2390; or 812 Legislative Office Bldg., Albany, NY 12247 and Joseph Bruno, Senate Majority Leader, c/o Kenneth Riddett, Esq., Rm 335, Capitol Bldg., Albany, NY 12247


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