To those who enjoy the unfair fight
And destroy those weaker with delight
Many excuses the hunters will use
In all of them the animals lose.

“Overpopulation” – a common claim,
they eagerly kill, yet are animals to blame?
It’s said this killing is a must
But make no mistake, this murder is lust

“It’s fair, the animal’s senses are good”-
Tell that to the deer roped to a hood
He’ll be beheaded and fit to a frame
Morbid décor, have we no shame?

“Heritage” – another excuse to maim
A ruthless bloodsport in a family’s name
Teaching children to cause callous death
And to eagerly watch a dying breath

Living beings filled with lead,
Fallen animals whose blood was shed
Barbaric “sport” that leaves a bloody trial,
A classic example of where ethics fail.


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