European Commission Charges Slovenia with Slaughter of Bears

European Commission Charges Slovenia with Slaughter of Bears

In early October, the European Commission initiated a complaint procedure against Slovenia for the hunting of bears. The Society for the Rights and Liberation of Animals hereby alerts responsible, caring people in America to the fact that killing bears and other animals is unconstitutional, unnecessary, and might be fatal for the human race. Since our government ignores us we have decided to call upon the European Commission for help.
The Slovenian Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning has decreed the killing of 100 bears in the year 2006. The Commission has already demanded a written explanation of this decree from the Slovene authorities, but up to now has received no answer.

Although the state does not have reliable figures for brown bears, it still goes on with destroying this species, which is internationally protected. The government has admitted that killing the bears is not a long-term solution and that it doesn’t even know the optimum number for brown bears. The slaughter of bears in Slovenia carries on, regardless.

The Slovenian government is ignorant of the scientifically confirmed fact that nature and animals contain their own regulating mechanisms which make human interference with weapons unnecessary. An admission of this ignorance was revealed in an interview in the magazine “Osvoboditev živali” given by a former Slovene hunter, who also admitted that the one and only motive of hunters is a passion for killing. He also finds it absurd that  hunters claim to love nature and animals.  We all know that “love” that kills living creatures isn’t a real love.

Our Society meeting took place at an International conference about animal rights in Vienna in October The problems with the hunting in Slovenia were explained to other animal protectors.

The connection between the Catholic Church and the killing of animals was also presented to the participants. They were invited to encourage the Church in their own countries to change its destructive and shameful attitude towards animals, and to stop hiding the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was himself a vegetarian and a great friend of animals. He would definitely not agree with slaughtering millions of animals to celebrate Christmas!

Some participants could not believe that in Slovenia there is a so-called “Huberus’s mass,” where priests bless hunters and hunted animals, and that some priests are even hunters. Slovenia’s President Mr. Janez Drnovšek, who is also against a hunter, expressed support for the Conference.

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