Ethnic Cleansing in the Hawaiian Forest The Nature Conservancy and other Murderers

By Cathy Goeggel

This baby was killed on the first day of special hunting days (twice a week) on Mt. Tantalus, one of my favorite hiking spots.

The only endemic mammals in Hawaii are the Hoary Bat and the Monk Seal, all others have been introduced either accidentally or on purpose— many as a hunting “resource”.

The Polynesians who settled Hawaii brought their small pigs with them. Post contact —Captain Cook’s landing on the Big island in 1798—European pigs were imported and interbred with the Polynesian pigs, resulting in large, intelligent, fleet animals who were later joined by Axis Deer, Mouflon Sheep, feral goats, peafowl, pheasants and many other “game” birds.

The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii (TNCH) manages over 200,000 acres in Hawaii, on several islands. These properties are managed in partnership with the State DLNR, the University of Hawaii, and various other federal, state, and county agencies (1)

We do know that TNCH deploys snares throughout Hawaii. They never check them, callously causing intense suffering for the trapped animals. TNCH and their partners argue that the snares are just one “tool” and that they are used only in remote, steep areas; however, on Christmas Day, 2006, in the woods close to a friend’s home, a sow who had been suffering at least 2 days, was found in a wire neck snare. She was released from her agony by gunshot. This was neither a remote nor difficult area to access. The enviros (meaning environmental Nazis, the usual suspects: TNC, Sierra Club, Audubon, etc.) have lobbied here to use toxicants for large mammals (so far unsuccessfully) and use helicopters to shoot goats on ridge lines. Mouflon sheep are shot from the air on the Big Island. A pilot plan to broad cast rat poison from the air backfired recently, when the amount deployed was several times the recommended dose, and killed several pigs who had eaten the bait, angering the local hunting community.

Our attempts to access information on animal control activities by TNCH have been stonewalled- even though they are partnered with government agencies and the data should be public information; we have been unable to find out how many animals were killed or how they were killed. Our DLNR is run like an autonomous state- and does not part with information easily. Our Police Dept. must account for every bullet fired; this is not the case for game managers.

Now TNCH has hired ProHunt, a New Zealand animal extermination company to kill pigs on their properties on Moloka’i. (2) ProHunt has murdered 5,000 pigs on Santa Cruz Island for TNC and the National Park Service. They are now engaged in killing wild turkeys (over 200 so far), and activists in California are suing to stop the killing. The enviros are not content with keeping down feral animal populations they want to extirpate every non-native species in Hawaii—except, of course, themselves. Even the tiny Coqui Frog, beloved in its native Puerto Rico, and is being stomped, drowned and burned to death with citric acid, just because it has a loud mating call.

Immuno-contraception and remotely delivered sterilization have proved successful with African Elephants and feral horses, and will, with more research, provide a synthetic humane methodology for population control for many more species, but so long as snares are legal and cheap, they will continue to kill and maim.

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Contact the Governor’s office and say you won’t travel to Hawai’i so long as cruel snares are used- there are lots of other beautiful, warm, tropical destinations …

Honorable Governor Linda Lingle, Executive Chambers, State Capitol, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813, Phone: 808-586-0034, Fax: 808-586-0006,

Cathy Goeggel is Director, Research and Investigations Animal Rights Hawaii, P.O. Box 10845, Honolulu, HI 96816 


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