Wildlife Watch and Del and Fred Seligman attended hearings regarding methods to be used to dissuade Canada geese from upstate reservoirs that supply NYC with water. We had been given the heads up by Bob and Mary Defilippo. They had heard on local radio that hunters would be at the meeting to promote hunting. When we arrived, there were four of them and four of us. We, of course, made much more sense than the hunters. We asked the DEP to bring a lawsuit against the DEC for its intentional overpopulation of Canada geese. The DEP should demand funding for their non-lethal efforts from the NYS DEC and the US FWS (Fish and Wildlife Service). Wildlife Watch’s written comments were also submitted.

Ann Fanizzi attended the DEP meeting in Putnam County whose reservoirs supply NYC. There was one of “us” and one of “them.” The DEP, so far, is sticking with non-lethal methods. Thank you, Ann, and thank you to the NYC DEP.

From Left, Del and Fred Seligman, Peter Muller, -The other side (4 of us and 4 of them). Thanks to notice by Bob and Mary Defilippo, we attended the NYC DEP hearing upstate NY to counter the suggestions that hunters and the town mayor (a hunter) were making for control of waterfowl.

Photo by Anne Muller


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