Elizabeth O’Nan – Landowner Abused by Hunters, The Forest Service, and the North Carolina Game Agency

Our precious Goldie, eaten alive by bear dogs

Poor, food-starved and affection-starved bear dogs on my property

This photo is of one of two poor little dogs who was attacked by the dogs.

Elizabeth O’Nan has been bravely fighting hunters on the ground and in court for many years.

Her experience shows that laws must change and the law enforcement agencies must be held accountable as well as the hunters.

Elizabeth reports that loose bear dogs [dogs used by hunters to tree bears] have trespassed on her property for years killing her pets. Due to a lack of protective laws, no one can be held legally responsible for the damage.  See just some of her photos here.

Then a horrific incident occurred on public lands in North Carolina, and Elizabeth turned her attention to stopping the use of  bear dogs on public lands as well. She said, “No one should be endangered by guns or dogs when they visit our national forests.”

On the morning of Oct. 13, Kadie Anderson was packing up her tent to leave Nantahala National Forest in Graham County, NC, when the attack happened. About a dozen bear hounds approached the camp. Anderson had heard them coming and grabbed both of her dogs by their collars. About half of the hounds participated in the attack, Anderson said. She thought the hunters would be close behind the dogs, but it would be 45 minutes before the men arrived! “I kept thinking they would be here soon, but it just kept going on and on,” Anderson said. “It was pretty terrifying.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission bear biologist,said, “I’ve never run into this type of situation. Bear dogs are generally interested in bears, and that’s it.”

Kadie Anderson said that she suffered bite wounds to her hands and legs to protect her two Australian shepherds.

The Forest Service said “No federal laws were broken.  It’s an unfortunate accident and it’s sad that it happened.” The Catch-22 started when Kadie reported the incident to the Graham County Sheriff’s Office, they told her that any charges would have to be brought by the Forest Service.

Elizabeth O’Nan said, “Until we start to address the North Carolina exemptions for hunting dogs nothing will be able to be done to hold hunters responsible for their dogs’ welfare or to ensure the safety of others and their pets.”

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