Photos by Gabrielle Pendleton

Hunting dog hit by a car and killed.

Another hunting dog hit by a car and killed

When we think about what dogs who hunt endure, it’s far from pleasant.

Usually kept in cages until they’re let loose to accompany the people they trust, their lives are often considered to be dispensable, and they are usually short. Never to be valued or treated  as family members, they are often shot accidentally, and those who become confused, especially young dogs on their first hunt,  find themselves on the road, where, if lucky, traffic will swerve to avoid running them over. That causes another danger for people. Such accidents, unfortunately, aren’t attributed to dog-hunting as they should be.

Gabrielle has rescued many hunting dogs over the years who, without her intervention, would have been killed or injured by cars. Recently, she was driving behind an 18-wheeler that suddenly swerved, sending her to the side of the road.  Gabrielle was angry at the driver until she saw the poor dogs, some already dead, others running on the highway.

She managed to rescue two of them, and brought them to a shelter where the hunter was called to pick them up.

The hunter was fuming that he had to pay a $30 dollar fee to get his dogs back. Late that night, he shot around Gabrielle’s house. She recorded the shots, and asked the police to listen to the recording so they could understand the danger she was in, yet no protection was provided!

To this day, Gabrielle can’t hear a dog bark without having severe anxiety, another symptom of her PTSD caused by hunting.


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