Deplorable Harassment for Defender of Geese

Susan Killian’s very stressful vacation at the Fair Haven Beach State Park in upstate NY. Susan is formerly from NY, but moved to Florida, and was in NY visiting last May.

She was horrified by the cruel treatment of the Canada geese and their goslings by park staff, including purposeful running over with vehicles.

When Susan complained about the numerous incidents she witnessed, she was verbally abused by the Park Supervisor and others. The Supervisor kept insisting that the park and the geese were “his,” that his workers’ harassment of the geese was within proper guidelines, and that she had no right to complain.

There were other witnesses to the disgraceful abuse of the geese, but Susan was most vociferous in protesting it. Now, the whistle-blower herself is being harassed by a vendetta of nightmare proportions.

“My attempts to protect the geese were met with nothing but hostility from virtually every official I contacted,” Susan said. “After my reports to park rangers about the abuse met with apathy, I was threatened with prosecution for giving false information. Every effort I made to get clarification of the charges against me was met with obstruction and refusal to provide necessary legal documentation.”

Back in Florida, Susan received word that a court hearing went ahead in her absence. The paperwork that local police had said they would send her never arrived. In addition, officials insisted that she had to return to NY to face the spurious charges.

“I explained repeatedly that I could afford neither a return trip nor the cost of counsel. For this, I was called a liar; police said they ‘knew’ I lived in NY – my Florida driver’s license notwithstanding. I was threatened with arrest if I did not return. Whenever I tried to obtain a clear statement of the alleged offenses, I was told vehemently by park rangers and court officials that I had ‘the right to know nothing!’”

“I was recently warned that a warrant has been issued for my arrest. But when I called Cayuga County Court to check, just as with all the dealings I’ve had with the local authorities, no one would verify this officially nor describe the charges.”


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