This shocking document, dated 9/5/86, obtained from files at the NYS Dept. of Conservation (DEC), was recently sent to C.A.S.H. by an affiliate.  Little Mango was our deep mole.

To:       Wildlife Managers and Wildlife Section Heads, Unit Leaders

From:   Stuart Free, Chief



Antagonist individuals and organizations continue to press for a change in wildlife management from its scientific approach to one that is emotionally based and supported only by subjective opinion.  They strive to accomplish this through methods designed to gain widespread adoption or imposition of their respective philosophies.  Their efforts include dissemination of propaganda (via mass media, mailings, demonstrations, handouts, etc.), constituent pressure to affect local decision-makers (policy decisions by Local government entities and local offices of state government agencies, e.g. state parks), and court challenges to gain legal mandates.

Success of the antagonists undermines the effectiveness of wildlife resources management.  It distorts public perception and understanding of those resources, including their needs and uses.  It also restricts public enjoyment of wildlife resources through imposed narrow philosophies involving wildlife uses.  Clearly, there is a need for Bureau actions that ensure continued professional wildlife management in NYS.


1. Undertake a pro-active Bureau program that begins to counter the public relations campaigns of antagonist organizations starting 3/31/87.

a.       Define components of the program and their temporal relationships.

b.      Maintain liaison with support organizations.

c.       Organize workshops for Bureau personnel.

d.      Develop publications that describe wildlife management and wildlife uses, and refute the arguments of antagonist organizations

e.       Communicate among sportsmen the importance of their public image.

f.        Participate in legislative forums, and provide legislators with written information to ensure their understanding of wildlife management to counter propaganda.

g.       Encourage the use of wildlife management information and curriculum materials in schools statewide.

h.       Identify and train individual within the Bureau who will represent wildlife management interests in media presentations, specifically TV.

2. Establish a wildlife management antagonist information base in association with the Bureau’s wildlife library at Delmar by 3/31/87.

a.       Identify organizations and individuals and develop a profile for each one.

b.      Organize a computer based bibliog. of publications produced by antagonist organizations

c.       Prepare a file for each antagonist organization consisting of their publications

d.      Maintain a record of ordinances and policy decisions by local government entities in addition to court proceedings, associated with antagonist efforts to deter wildlife management.

e.       Maintain a record of national and international results of antagonist efforts to affect wildlife management.

In response to a recent FOIL request to examine all records pertaining to this Plan, C.A.S.H. received a response from the current Chief of the Bureau of Wildlife:  “The previous Chief of the Bureau of Wildlife did charge a group to assemble information to assist in responding to animal rights concerns.  However this group never carried out the task. [Is he saying that orders of the Bureau Chief are ignored?]  “Other than vague recollections of a few staff we cannot locate anything that relates to your request.”


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