Coyotes Used As Bait To Train Hunting Dogs

We hope that our readers will take it upon themselves to be on the lookout for this activity, and try to stop it politically when it rears its ugly head.

We were first made aware of coyotes used as bait by Hope Ryden, the great naturalist and author of God’s Dog: A Celebration of the North American Coyote. Hope heard about this cruel activity when she was in Indiana visiting CeAnn Lambert’s Indiana Coyote Rescue Center (ICRC).

When I got the call from Hope, I contacted CeAnn who sent us a packet of material that still has me personally reeling from the degree of perversion and incomprehensible brutality of the people who train hunting dogs using coyotes as bait. It is impossible to convey the degree of baseness. You have to witness it through photos and the words of the humanoids who participate in this wretched activity. As you plummet to the depths of human cruelty, you wonder how in 2008 this can be legal, and you are compelled to work for change.

Thanks to CeAnn and others, coyotes may not be shipped live out of Indiana for 7 months of the year. That leaves 5 months when they can be shipped out, however.

Trappers, of course, wanted to be able to trap and ship them out 12 months of the year because each live-trapped coyote can bring $200, whereas a pelt brings a mere $12.

The arguments for stopping this out of state trade include:

Spread of disease; spread of coyote population elsewhere impacting farm animals and impacting ecology and ethics.

CeAnn sent a large packet to every legislator in Indiana.

This yote’s gonna have a bad day

Oops, looks like the day just ended
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When C.A.S.H. asked if she’d gotten a reply, she said she’d only heard from Brent Steele who said: “I kill them any way I can. I could care less about them.”

Then there is Sen. Walker who told CeAnn that the coyotes being torn apart in running pens wasn’t any worse than what they suffered in the wild. This man is on the Natural Resources Study Committee. On one of the trappers’ lists your can read:

Had a nice (face to face) visit with Senator Greg Walker last night. He believes in sportsmens’ rights, is backed by the NRA and on the Natural Resources Committee (where every rule change, proposal, etc.) goes through on a state level. When he was running for election last year, 7B talked to Greg… He pulled no punches and said he supports what we do and how, why, etc. He remembered our call from back then and is willing to help out when needed in the future.

This is important for him and others to see a grass roots effort from us….these guys get rammed for this or that on issues. Let’s tell him that we notice his efforts. It may go a long way in the future for your state putting down Anti-Legislation.

Here is a picture of one of the hunting dogs who was mauled
by another dog in their frenzy to please their masters.

CeAnn wrote that even the head of Law Enforcement of the DNR, Michael Crider, said that you couldn’t look into the barrels and barrels of dead coyotes and coyote parts that were confiscated in the southern states raid on the running pens and not be moved by the suffering these animals had gone through.

Let’s look at what some of the people who participate in this say on their bulletin boards:

One “yote dog” trainer said when he trains his dogs not to run after anything but “yotes” he uses both a shock collar and a BB gun. Foxdog said, “the bb gun method has worked good for us I bet I have worn out two or three red riders [a brand of BB gun] over the years.”

Some dog trainers recommend shooting a coyote to incapacitate him before turning their dogs on him. They talk about using rolling cages to put them out in the field and then bring the hounds in on leashes and let them get “fired up and then pop a cap in the “yotes” rear and let him out of the trap and drag his self off a ways then let the young hounds loose on him.”

These discussions go on and on, and with each new twist the degree of your incredulity takes a quantum leap. How does this brutality continue to be accepted or ignored, and legalized in 2008?

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By far, the saddest photo of all on a site that finds this fun is the one just above.


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