Continuing Harassment and Intimidation

By Kathy Andrews

As you know, I and other property owners filed for a restraining order against a hunter. I have been terrorized by this individual and his family with gunfire around my home, the killing of my pets and farm animals, as well as the harassment at my workplace, where I had all 4 tires flattened.

This hunter called the President of the University, to have me fired and all because I wanted to live in peace on my farm without the fear of getting shot by this man and a family of hunters who have been terrorizing African Americans in Pamplico, a small town outside of Florence for years. We lost our case in this small, rural area, and to further cause us damage, the judge ruled that we needed to pay the hunter’s attorney’s fees of $7,000. When I did not come up with the money due to this unfair ruling, a process server harassed my parents by telling them they would sell my land if I didn’t pay. I feel that the process server had no business threatening my elderly parents who have health problems, telling them that she would sell my land. The Florence County Sheriff’s Dept. told me they would not reprimand her because according to this woman’s “recollections,” she did no wrong!

In addition, the attorney for this hunter, John David Whisenhut of Florence, wrote a harassing letter saying that he would buy the land himself if I didn’t pay the money plus interest and the sheriff’s fees. I sent that letter to the state disciplinary counsel for attorneys. I did pay the $7,000, which has only emboldened them. Recently I found an empty box of shells (shotgun) in my parents’ mailbox. I’m sure it was just another warning to me since I was home that weekend, and the hunters are always watching my parents’ house. The hunters are still running dogs through our property! Our sign has been torn down! [C.A.S.H. Note: Kathy Andrews has been bravely and single-handedly trying to keep the hunters and their dogs off of her land. She has put up with abuse by hunters and law enforcement in Florence County, SC for years. If there are attorneys who can practice in South Carolina and can help Kathy, please contact C.A.S.H. at


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