Clearly There’s no need to kill…

Thanks to Natalie Jarnstedt for sending us this item from The Greenwich Time. Once again, game agencies are talking about killing mute swans.

About 100 mute swans have been counted in Greenwich area. Some environmental agencies consider them as much a nuisance as deer or the more numerous Canada geese.

Swans are protected from hunting in Connecticut, but the state DEP has the authority to control them if it believes they threaten ecosystems. Wildlife officials have previously proposed reducing the population, but protests defeated the plan. Killing is being discussed again.

“Large numbers of them habitually using one place will deplete the food supply,” said Dale May, head of wildlife division, Conn. DEP. “They can have a significant impact. Are they having an impact on every coastline and every inlet? Probably not.”

Kathryn Burton, founder of Save Our Swans USA, who has been a contributor to the C.A.S.H. Courier in the past, questions whether the swan population is out of control. Many residents have reported that they are seeing fewer swans than before, said Burton, who believes the swans are scapegoats for other ecosystem threats, such as coastline overdevelopment.

Burton pledges to fight the slaughter of the mute swans. “If you can start killing of things unjustifiably, when do you stop?” she asked.


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