Wildlife Watch placed an ad in a Fallsberg paper and gathered ten people to a meeting. They promised to help Canada geese so that hopefully the roundup and slaughter will not take place next year.

(At the park they said was “overrun” with geese, an angler says: What geese?  I’ve been fishing here for 15 years and I never see geese!)

Wildlife Watch also lobbied and attended two town meetings with elected officials appealing to them to use non-lethal methods of control. Gregg Feigelson, Pres. of Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese, Abby Wolf, Dwight Kearns, Pres. Of LOHV-League of Humane Voters, and Mary, Bob and Tara Defilippo, joined us.

(Oil spill and garbage threaten waterfowl and ecosystem in Fallsberg, yet they killed the gees for pooping in the water!)

During the second meeting, a certain golf course commissioner literally glared down the town board when Wildlife Watch asked them to vote to use non-lethal methods. They did not make a motion to stop the killing. We do have hope and some indication that there is a chance for non-lethal methods in 2001.


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