Canada Is Protecting Their Own: The Canada Geese

Before going to print, Sharon Pawlak of the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese, put out the following news item.

When the City of Kelowna obtained a permit from the CWS to shoot 50 birds, the Responsible Animal Care Society received a legal opinion from a Toronto law firm that the permit was wrongly issued.

It was against the Migratory Birds Convention Act, unless it’s done to prevent damage that the geese were causing.

In response, the killing has stopped for the time being.

Meanwhile, in another part of Canada, people were shocked that hunters were hunting where they were walking, and that geese started falling from the skies. The City of Pitt Meadows received complaints about the hunters, and did what they always do, they say it’s the hunting season.

They were told that hunting areas come up for review every year and that the ministry of environment asks municipalities if certain areas need to be closed. If there’s an area that is frequented by walkers and hikers, it may be something they would want to consider.


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