C.A.S.H. President’s Letter To Members And Supporters


To participate, we will need you to e-mail us at courier@wildwatch.org  so that we can have your e-mail address. Please also include your name and snail mail address.


Having felt that that the C.A.S.H. Courier no longer has to be restricted by such considerations as number of pages, paper-type, or photos, we are going to be printing the C.A.S.H. Courier electronically only. Imagine the savings: there will be no postage, no bulk mail house charges, no costly returns, no more black and white photos as in the days of yore, no more ripped newsprint, no more articles left out due to space limitations.

This sounds too good to be true, but it’s the modern world of electronic publishing.

As C.A.S.H. changes the Courier into an electronic newsletter, we will be opening the door to many new opportunities for helping wild animals. Contacting officials to support or oppose a bill will be as easy as clicking on a link. The .new 8.5×11 format will allow you to print out articles of interest if you want hard copy, or you can print the entire newsletter if you prefer. Articles can be cut and pasted, and shared via the Internet all over the world.

We realize that some of our members may not have a computer and will not be able to see the newsletter, so we will be happy to print out our newsletter and mail it to you. Please just let us know that in the envelope we are providing with this issue.

While it’s true that the economy has motivated this decision (paper costs have been rising and postage will almost double for our mailing), we believe you will be pleased with our decision. Moving to an electronic format for the Courier will save C.A.S.H. thousands of dollars annually– money that can be spent in ways to more directly benefit wildlife and lead to our goal.

We still need your support though, perhaps now more than ever.

We will ask that you contribute online via PayPal, or you can call in a Master Card or Visa number to 1-877-WILDHELP. For our members who do not have a computer, you will continue to receive a contribution envelope.

We deeply appreciate the generosity of our members and supporters. You have shown that even when economic times are difficult, your support of wildlife, and of the work we do on their behalf is important to you. Because of you, C.A.S.H. can continue to be a voice for the hunted and trapped animals. In rural parts of states like Montana, Minnesota and New Mexico, C.A.S.H. is sometimes their only voice.

Your gift will enable us to go further than we have before: Your support will allow us to create change for hunted wildlife: change through legislation, education, advertising, campaigning, protecting wildlife wherever we are able.

Thank you for generously remembering C.A.S.H in all the financial ways available to you, and for your support of our goal to ABOLISH SPORT HUNTING.

Joe Miele, hunting with a camera in New Mexico

Joe Miele, President

PS: Please remember that to continue to receive the Courier, we will need you to e-mail us at courier@wildwatch.org  so that we can have your e-mail address. Please also include your name and snail mail address..


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