C.A.S.H. Partners With Goodsearch!

Now there’s a great way to support C.A.S.H. while you work online. Instead of “Googling” use GoodSearch instead!

Powered by Yahoo, GoodSearch is a search engine that donates money from every search to your favorite charity. The next time you search the web, go to www.GoodSearch.comand enter Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting as your charity of choice. Click “verify” and you’re all set to support C.A.S.H. with every web search, at NO COST to you!

You can make this process even easier by clicking the link that says “Get the GoodSearch toolbar or add us to your search box.” Through that link you can set Goodsearch as your default search engine, and download a plug-in for I.E., Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Even better, you can shop through the GoodSearch partner “GoodShop!” By going to http://www.goodsearch.com/goodshop.aspx and entering Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting as your charity, up to 30% of every purchase made through that page will go to C.A.S.H. to help fight hunting, trapping, and other abuses of wildlife.

Start using GoodSearch today and thank you for your generous support of C.A.S.H.!.


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