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Dear Uncle Joe:

like you said wildlife is for everyone to look at i just choose to look at it in my scope and on my plate in front of me . and in some cases it could mean the meals some can eat or dont you ever see the donation centers that we donate to for kids are able to eat and not go hungry o i for got you probley make a couple 100 0000.00 a year so you go and just look at your wildlife with what you want and just leave us hunters alone we pay are taxs and we pay for are permits and other stuff so go and stop some pouchers. cause i love the out doors and every thing in it .

Lloyd M.
Mead, CO

Dear Lloyd:

Forgive me if I misunderstood, but you mentioned that hunters donate deer meat so kids will not go hungry? Again, it looks like you’ve been misled by the game agencies if this is what you believe. Since hunters kill a lot more animals than they eat, they concocted a scheme to make it appear that “sportsmen” keep people from starving by donating their surplus “game” to the “poor and needy.” Unknown to the public is that the USDA does not inspect “wild” meat from these programs. With unknowns such as where and what the animal had eaten, the amount of parasites and bacteria, and unsanitary handling, the USDA decided not to get involved in the mess.

Recently, a squirrel in New Jersey was found to have a high level of lead in its muscle tissue, leading local legislators to wonder about the safety of eating animals killed in the popular hunting ground where the squirrel was found.

Would you buy food from your local market if you knew it was not inspected and found safe for consumption? Understanding the risks involved with consuming uninspected meat, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets wrote “The poor and homeless are entitled to receive the same level of health protections from government as those more fortunate.

We do not take issue with hunters who choose to consume game meat which they have killed since they do so at their own risk. However, the general public should not be exposed unwittingly to the potential food safety risks of consuming wild game…”

Hunters like deer meat donation programs because they allow them to exercise their violent tendencies against harmless wildlife under the guise of “helping the hungry,” but Uncle Joe questions the value of programs that encourage senseless violence against nature while simultaneously risking the health of the community.

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

Your web site is absolutely ridiculous… It is a national heritage to hunt all types of wildlife. One of the many points that can be made is that there are over 100 times as many deer in the United States than there were when Christopher Columbus first discovered America. The decreasing amount of habitat and food is leading to an increase in starvation, deer getting hit by cars and territorial dispute in the wild. GET A CLUE… I’m a hunter and apparently I am much more humane than anyone that would support this site.

Matthew C.
Morgantown, WV

Dear Matthew:

Thanks for telling us that there are exponentially more deer now than when Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America. (How can you “discover” a place that was already inhabited? But I digress.) If you look at the statistics, the size of the nationwide deer herd exploded about 100 years ago, right about the time when deer became managed by hunting clubs masquerading as state wildlife agencies. Coincidence? Hardly. This is by design, my animal-killing friend. I’ve been through this before, but the point is important enough that it should be reviewed time and again.

State game agencies manage hunted animal populations for maximum sustainable yield, not for herd health or greater biodiversity. To confirm this simply talk to any biologist at the West Virginia DNR – to make it easy on you their phone number is (304) 558-2003. If you’re truly concerned about what you say you are, you should get involved in your city and do what you can to stop urban sprawl – the very thing that is taking habitat away from wildlife.

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

I have teenage drivers and I would rather see a few deer culled than have my child hit a deer running across the street and possibly maim or kill my child. That is a more real threat than a possible stray bullet in the woods.

Amanda G.
Asheville, NC

Dear Amanda:

Unfortunately it seems that you’ve fallen for the hunters’ lie that hunting reduces deer-car collisions. When you look at the facts, you will see that the exact opposite is true – hunting increases deer/car collisions because it increases the deer population.

Please put your logic cap on for a moment. Whenever they open their mouths, game agencies will tell you that hunting reduces deer populations. After they stop yapping about that, they will then tell you that deer are overpopulated and need to have their numbers reduced. Wait a second – I thought you just told me that deer hunting reduces deer populations? If this is true, why, since you’ve been hunting them for more than 100 years, are the deer *still* overpopulated?

Regardless of what they tell you, state game agencies are not trying to reduce deer populations. Because deer overpopulation keeps DNR employees employed and contributing to their 401k plans (if they’re smart), they must look at the deer herd in such a way that allows them to hunt X number of animals while ensuring that the herd grows next year, so they can continue to cry about overpopulation and the “need” for a hunt.

Disgusting? Absolutely. But you have to realize that these people have their jobs on the line, and they will do anything, including increasing wildlife populations at the expense of increased deer/car collisions, in order to ensure that they are employed next year. So if you are upset about deer/car collisions, blame the problem on the state wildlife hunting agencies; they are the ones who have made the problem as serious as it is now.

How do we prevent deer/car collisions? First, people should obey posted speed limits and drive responsibly. These two things will reduce deer/car accidents more than anything else.

Second, abolish hunting. This will end the artificial growth of the deer herd and deer populations will shrink due to natural attrition.

Third, get politically involved in your community and create a movement to have your town install Strieter-Lite headlight reflectors on the sides of roads that deer have been known to cross. These headlight reflectors have been proven to reduce deer/vehicle collisions by up to 90% in some cases!

Reducing speed limits on particularly dangerous stretches of roadway and enforcing those new speed limits will also help.

Since the DNR has been an absolute failure in reducing the deer herd (remember, they really don’t want to do this because it could cost them their jobs) other things have to be tried. It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different result. The great minds at the DNR seem not to realize this.

I too would be concerned if I had teenage drivers in my home, but I know that hunting is not going to make them safe. Hunting will endanger their lives because it puts more deer in the roads during the hours of dusk and dawn, when most collisions occur.

Further, car-deer-collisions spike during hunting season when deer are forced to flee onto the roads and highways by hunters who are pursuing them. Don’t believe me? Check with your auto insurance agency. They will confirm what I’ve just said.

Uncle Joe

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